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CEO Message

Innovation & Change for Customer

Innovation & Change for Customer

Global Leader·Worldwide
High Quality Gear Actuators
High Performance & Effeciency

Welcome to SAMBO IND.CO.,LTD.
The endless and glorious Korean mountain range has inspired SAMBO to follow an aggressive path for implementing the latest leading technology and manufacturing techniques. It is our commitment to be the world's leading provider of high quality and competitively priced products offering best possible delivery dates.

General Information
At SAMBO IND.CO.,LTD. We are committed to developing the most advanced products for the 21st century. Our highly skilled staff of engineers have over 30 years of experience in the field of valve control. Quality is our No.1 priority throughout the company including manufacturing, engineering and customer service.

Valve gear actuators and kit solution·Worldwide
We, SAMBO IND.CO.,LTD. were established in 1980 and we specialize in manufacturing of the gearbox. Based on long experience and skil, our quality is No.1 rated No.1 in Korea market. Also, we have a good reputation from all over the world. We have make an efforts to make best quality products and new models. Our continuous R&D will enable us to make the most advanced and competitively priced and we try to make gearbox compant for better tomorrow. We promise to further develop through our challenging mind, passion and long management experience. We will do our best to become No.1 company the world. We would be highly appreciated for your advice at anytime for us to make an improvement for the future.

Thank You.

President Moo Sang, Ra